Hi ! I decided to wrote a quick English article about Aya Nakmura and some of the most commun backlash that this lady unfortunately faces commonly. I’m not a journalist, but I would like to share with you how hard it can be to be a black successful woman in a french industry of music mostly lead by non-black women artists. I hope that this short article will find it audience and maybe we could discuss about this in the comments section. By the way : I AM NOT a native english person. So if I’ve made some typing and grammatical errors, please don’t be too rude on me and don’t be afraid to bother me and correct me. Thank you ! Let’s get into it.

Aya Nakamura is a french female singer who’s popping right now on the national & international musical stages. She just released her latest album entitled : AYA. However, even if she’s the it girl of the french musical sphere, Aya Nakamura is vigorously criticize by most of french tv, journalists and news paper medias. Blamed for her purported lyrical « gobbledygook », but also for her looks, these medias but also internet users report that the persistent success of Aya is quite not deserved.

Music is like food. Our tastes are very personal and indefinable. So when I hear someone talk negatively about an personality that I like, either it is an actor, a painter, a singer or a athlete I am not mad at all. Sometimes, like a few people I guess I can get offended because my taste have been disrespected (kidding), but the feeling leaves as quick as it comes. However sometime, some artists didn’t do anything wrong to received such kind of violent and absurd backlashes they get. Even if being criticized is a huge part of an artist’s life and that they have to get along with it during their the lifetime of their career (and even after), some critics can unfortunately get out of proportion and can turn into public lynching. What I am describing here is pretty similar to what Aya Nakamura facing sometimes on instagram, french television and mostly twitter and public articles from major media. I’ll not lie, I think that all the hate Aya Nakamura is receiving would have been ten times worst and pretty hard to live if her success were not what it is right now. But even if her rise continue to growth, medias and most surprisingly (or not) not specialising in music, art or even social sciences are the at the very frontline of the  » Who will be the harshest, meanest and « funniest » media to lynch Aya Nakamura » campagne. Which is pathetic.

« Without being racist, uh, but black people are the least well served people in term of beauty. » – here is the traduction of this tweet right aside. But it is only one on a thousand other ones. You know, beauty too is a very sensitive and personal subject. But if there is something that I will nerver ever understand it’s to publicly denigrate a community and someone’s looks. Especially on twitter, which is one of the most virulent social media. Sometimes I really enjoy being on twitter, cause people there can be deadly funny. But most of the time it is sufficient to give a matchstick for things to spark off. Anyway, I am not here to be the annoying black sister who will defend tooth and nail the most streaming black female artist worldwide, even if I could. But, seriously isn’t it this something way too much redundant ? At some point it is not even meaningful, it never had been and never will. Besides it is always the same da*m mockings. Nothing deep or original in here.


The articles up here are some of the articles about Aya that pretty disrespectful. I took these ones because they are written in a sly and libellous tone. And if you don’t talk or aren’t in a advanced level in french, you cannot catch the subtilty of the scorn hide behind the words. It is clearly clear that Aya is subject to what is called misogynoir. And In my opinion, it is because Aya came and disturbed the french music ecosystem. I can tell you that the slang Aya uses in her song is pretty new in french-speaking countries. We of course already had slangs that was distorted or kind of weird at first listen. So fundamentally there is nothing really new in what Aya Nakamura offer. But in she shape, it is new. And to see her succeed intentionally even when she’s not really value by the french medias, can be a little bit annoying for them, I guess. Oops !

Here is the latest self-titled album de Aya Nakamura. Do not hesitate to listen to it, because it is a pretty good thrid album ! She made a featuring with Stormzy, Oboy & Ms Banks wich each of them are great. The featuring with Stormzy is a pretty good ballad, really smooth. And OMG this prod is fire. Tell me if you already listen to the album or any other album of Aya, I would enjoy to discuss with you about the musics. THANK YOU FOR READING ! smooches

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