THE NEW POP CULTURE : Génération Swipe Up (french & english)


Hi everyone ! Today’s article is a little bit different from what I’m use to do. As you should know (because I own a blog) I love writing, discuss about actualities, news, cinema, gossips, music and share with you most of the things I have a opinion about that I judge interesting. The more I publish, the more I love to publish on this blog. And I am starting to take more and more time to draft my blog and create the articles that I publish. So in fact today I decided to do something a little more special and more fun, by giving you an article under a (short) Magazine form. Unfortunately, the article right below is only available in french. BUT in addition to my downloadable PDF I decided to expand my thinking about this new Pop Culture by writing a few more about the subject. So, I really hope you’ll like it !

J’ai toujours aimé les magazines. Même si j’en achète moins maintenant, ce format en papier glacé m’a toujours attiré. Je trouve ça cool que dans un seul endroit puissent être regroupés des sujets divers et variés, ou qu’un magazine décide de traiter que d’un seul sujet. Donc pour moi parler de la nouvelle génération sous ce format ancien, fait une jolie contradiction.

Afin de pouvoir lire et contempler l’intégralité de mon magazine, je t’invite à le télécharger au format PDF ci-dessous. J’ai voulu intégrer toutes les pages dans le blog, mais la qualité est moindre et d’un autre côté, je trouve ça plus intéressant de ne vous dévoiler que la première de couverture ainsi que le sommaire. De cette façon, vous décidez vous-même ou pas de vous le procurer. Merci !

This new generation is less afraid to speak but also have more touchy subjects to talk about. So the social media are here to help us speak up our mind and show off to the world our own identity ! That you have 36, 690, 9 000 followers, if you own internet you own a microphone. But it is not because a door is open that we are obligated to pass through. Choose your fights wisely. This new Pop Culture seems to be noisy, too fast and self-centred and I’m not going to lie it is the true. But maybe it is because the last generations didn’t had opportunities to speak up them minds and create as we have the opportunity now ? So they hands us all the knowledge and technologies they could. Look at me, I am not a professional and despite of it, I have the tools to be here and share with the world. Isn’t it crazy ? Please enjoy this article. Thank you for reading.

musics videos

Here are the video clips of some of the artists I am talking about in the article. There are : Saweetie, Meryl, Mon Coeur & Megan Thee Stallion. Which clip is your favorite ? About the male artist Mon Coeur, it is a Cover of Beyoncé – Love On Top.

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